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<33 schadenfreude

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20th August 2006

12:17pm: i think it's really funny
how people expect you to do something
and you dont
and they turn around and do the same thing.
just a thought.
but not really.
Current Mood: sad

3rd February 2006

11:26pm: whatev...
so i really need to update.
i'm beginning to hate my life more and more each day.
i'm stressed.
i'm sick.
and i'm single.
which is the icing on the cake.

i'm really really frustrated right now
bc i like someone
and have for like 4 months
and some days i feel like i'm getting somewhere
and some days i dont.
and i cant tell anyone at school
because they're all backstabbing bitches.

i hate xanga because its becoming totally fake
and i hate that teachers have xangas just to watch us.
get a FUCKING life!!! you whores!!!

i've become so angry.
and i wish i werent
i dont like being angry.

lyric is going well.
i love it.
it's pretty much the only place where i'm truly happy.
and sometimes joseph rehearsals.
probably because he's there most of the time.

and if anyone from deercreek reads this
that just about gave away who i like
but i dont think you do..
so it doesnt really matter.

well. i love you guys that do read this.
have a great day! ( :
Current Mood: crappy

4th January 2006

12:02am: i've been doing much thinking during this new year
and anyone that knows me,
knows that last year for me SUCKED major.

i feel like my parents dont take my aspirations seriously
i work my ass off
i push myself
and i guess people can't see that.

i feel left out at school
i dont belong to any particular group
and all my friends are in groups.
its lame.

BUT this year is going to be different
this year i will:
.continue to work my ass off and actually have something to show for it
.not let anything hold me back
.give everything i do 150%
.make better friends (at school that is)--all my other friends are just fine.

i WANT this musical theatre thing to work out.
i want to push myself to be a better dancer and singer
i want people to notice me.
i want this more than anything i've ever wanted
but most of all...
i want people to know that i'm so serious about this.

well this was a crazy post
but i got a lot off my chest.
i guess that's good. right?
Current Mood: determined

21st December 2005

2:22pm: yeah yeah, i'm updating!
A Christmas Carol is officially over
it actually has been for 11 days
i'm just now getting to rest though
and it feels so nice.

Christmas Break started for me today!!
i'm loving it.
finals sucked.
but now i get to get ready to go to...
ahh...i'm so excited!!!

oh and college..
i'm looking in New York and Chicago
and it's getting really exciting!!!
i can't wait!

Your Celebrity Sisters Are Mary-Kate and Ashley

Funky, eccentric, and offbeat
You're not a good girl or a bad girl, just a weird girl
Current Mood: artistic

29th November 2005

9:24pm: yeah. yeah.
it feels like all i do is go to rehearsals.
but you know what?
i'm loving it.
i love the feel of the stage,
the lights,
the work,
and that its all gonna pay off next week
i can't wait.

i cant wait for college most of all
i can already tell how much work it will be
but i'm willing to go through
with being a musical theatre major.
its kind of scary...but i'm up for the challenge.

i'm kind of tired though..
i think i'll go to bed.
goodnight. <3

oh yeah. i saw rent.
it was amazing!
i'm in love. <3
Current Mood: thirsty

2nd November 2005

8:04pm: rehearse!
rehearsals...are sooooo hectic!!!
fezziwig and his dance.
its going to be good
but right now it's wearing on me.
and we have rehearsals on our day off.

and lyric rehearsals...
i just cant wait to block my scene
and i have lyric tomorrow
which is awesome!

Current Mood: exhausted

23rd October 2005

9:18pm: hmmm
i'm not really sure what to say
i hate going to school...that's for sure!
i dont want to go back tomorrow
or ever

i wish i could go back to ga
where i have real friends
or even va where i had great friends

but the truth is i cant
and the truth hurts.

life is dumb.
dumb dumb dumb.

i hate it here!!!!
mostly i just hate girls who start drama for no reason
but i still hate it here!!
Current Mood: drained

19th October 2005

12:13pm: relapses.
i had a relapse.
i went back out with shawn.
even after all that shit 2 weeks ago.
my mom told me that i wasnt here to please other people
and "she" did introduce us...
i just cant stand anything anymore.
i mean i had a great time...but
i hate feeling guilty after i go out w/ someone.

someone help me!
Current Mood: confused

10th October 2005

5:31pm: drama drama drama.
most of it is all cleared up now.
all the drama is done.
and things are looking up.

by the way wicked was absolutely amazing
i had so much fun.
Current Mood: refreshed

4th October 2005

10:09pm: boys.
well, boys.
what can be said?
i meet one who is fabulous
and then he tells me the truth about
everything that's going on.
and it still hurts

i wish for once i wouldnt be
dumped for another girl.
i know i'm better than that.
i just know it.

3 times in 2 months...
has to be a record somewhere...
Current Mood: envious

24th September 2005

8:50am: date.
so last night i went on my first blind date
he turned out to be very cute
and very sweet
he brought me flowers
no guy has ever brought me flowers
we went to go see wedding crashers
which was hillarious
a good ice breaker for the date
we went to sonic
and then to his house
we talked for a long time
which was nice
he was definetly the sweetest guy i've been on a date with
i'm very happy today. <3
Current Mood: loved

16th September 2005

6:17pm: oh updation...
even though no one comments
and i'm pretty sure no one reads this
i feel better when i write in here
for some reason...

school is homosexual
as always...

lyric theatre is fun
and its the highlight of my week
make that the highlight of my year

i wish ugly guys would stop asking me out
i know its shallow
but sorry...if you're ugly and annoying
i really dont want to date you

which brings me to my next point
he could have told me what was going on
instead he lied
and now i have to look at him with her everyday
it sucks.

i wish i were happy.
Current Mood: nauseated

14th September 2005

9:42pm: because i knew you...i have been changed for good.
hey guys!!
its amber
i'm getting tired of xanga
because basically its poo poo
and there's too much drama
and i can't express my real feelings...
so here they are
just for you...
you should feel lucky.
ha. just kidding, but seriously...

anyways my loves..
go ahead and comment
livejournal should be fun
more fun than xanga at least...

Current Mood: jubilant
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